Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ireland OKs EU Treaty

Ireland votes in favor of EU treaty
CNN's Brooke Bowman and Barry Neild contributed to this report.

"Ireland has voted in favor of the Lisbon Treaty, which would modernize the structure of the European Union, according to official government results released Saturday.

The agreement passed 67.13 percent to 32.87 percent.
A 'yes' vote had been anticipated in the Friday referendum for the controversial plan.
Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen proclaimed victory as the votes were counted Saturday, saying, 'we have done the right thing for our own future and the future of our children.'

'Today the Irish people have spoken with a clear and resounding voice. This is a good day for Ireland and a good day for Europe. We as a nation have taken a decisive step for a stronger, fairer and better Ireland, and a stronger, fairer and better Europe,' Cowen said."

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