Thursday, October 29, 2009

UN Torture Investigator Deported from Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Deports U.N. Investigator
Published: October 29, 2009

"The Zimbabwe government on Thursday deported a torture investigator from the United Nations, Manfred Nowak.

Mr. Nowak, who was detained at the airport in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital, a day earlier, was put on a plane to Johannesburg, news reports said.

Mr. Nowak questioned the reason given by the government for blocking his visit 'at such a late stage': that it needed to change the timing because of a gathering of regional ministers looking into a breakdown in the power-sharing government, according to a United Nations statement.
The statement also said allegations that human rights workers and supporters of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai had been intimidated and arrested in recent days 'highlights the urgency of objective fact-finding by an independent U.N. expert.'”

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