Thursday, November 12, 2009

Abduction Charges Dropped Against Father in Japan Custody Battle

"Charges dropped against American father in Japan custody battle
November 12, 2009"

CNN's Kyung Lah contributed to this report.
"Authorities have officially dropped all charges against an American who tried to snatch back his children from his ex-wife in Japan, the Fukuoka prosecutor's office said Thursday.
Charges had been technically "on hold" since Christopher Savoie was released from jail in October, though legal experts had said the move essentially meant the charges had already been dropped.

The prosecutor's office said at the time that Savoie was released after he promised not to take his children back to the United States "in this manner."
It was not clear whether he had a chance to see his children after his release.
Savoie, 38, a Tennessee native and naturalized Japanese citizen, allegedly abducted his children -- 8-year-old Isaac and 6-year-old Rebecca -- as his ex-wife walked them to school on September 28 in Yanagawa."
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