Friday, November 13, 2009

Indonesia Assists Australia with Tamils Seeking Asyum

"Tamil asylum seekers leave ship"
"Twenty-two Sri Lankan asylum seekers have come ashore from an Australian customs ship anchored in Indonesia's waters, Indonesian officials have said."

"They were among 78 ethnic Tamils on the Oceanic Viking, moored off Bintan island near Singapore, who had refused to leave the ship.

The Oceanic Viking picked them up during its duties in Indonesia's maritime search zone last month.
The 22 men are being taken to Bintan to have their asylum claims processed.

The Tamils will be processed at an Australian-funded detention centre at Tanjung Pinang on Bintan.

Indonesia agreed to take the asylum seekers last month as part of an agreement with Australia to cope with an influx of migrants to both countries...
Immigration Minister Chris Evans said most of the Tamils could end up in Australia if their claims were found to be genuine.

An upsurge in asylum seekers arriving in Australia this year has prompted the opposition to claim the government has made the country a soft target for people smugglers."
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