Monday, December 14, 2009

Canadian Court Repudiates Use of Controversial Security Certificate Issued to Deport Syrian-Born Canadian Resident

"Court strikes down security certificate against Almrei"
"Syrian-born man was arrested eight years ago on terror suspicions; Ottawa had been trying to deport him on seldom-used provision of immigration law"
Tu Thanh Ha
Toronto — Globe and Mail Update

"Syrian-born Toronto resident Hassan Almrei has been cleared of the security certificate issued by the Canadian government which labelled him an al-Qaeda operative and threatened him with deportation.

Today's Federal Court ruling is the latest blow to the controversial security-certificate system, which relies on secret evidence to detain and deport foreign residents.

Mr. Almrei's arrest in 2001 was justified but he's no longer a security threat, Mr. Justice Richard Mosley wrote in a 185-page ruling released this morning.

'There are no reasonable grounds to believe that Hassan Almrei is today a danger to the security of Canada . . . the certificate is not reasonable and must be quashed,' the judge wrote. "

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