Monday, February 1, 2010

Americans Detained for Attempting to Move Haitian Children to Dominican Republic without Haiti's Approval

"Detained Americans say they had good intentions in Haiti"
CNN's Karl Penhaul, Jill Dougherty and journalist Jessica Desvarieux contributed to this report.

"Ten Americans detained and accused of child trafficking in Haiti after they allegedly tried to bus 33 children into the Dominican Republic insist their effort was an attempt to get the children to a shelter.

But Haiti's prime minister said Sunday that the group was kidnapping the children.

'From what I know until now, this is a kidnapping case,' Jean-Max Bellerive told CNN. 'Who is doing it -- I don't know. What are the real objectives or activities -- I don't know. But that is kidnapping and it is more serious because it's involving children'he said.

'The children certainly were not fully willing to go, because in some cases, from what I heard, they were asking for their parents, they wanted to return to their parents.'...

The group of five men and five women said they were trying to move the children to the Dominican Republic in the aftermath of the January 12 earthquake that devastated parts of Haiti, flattening the capital and killing tens of thousands. But a Haitian judge has charged the 10 with child trafficking, they said.

The U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince said Sunday that the Americans have been detained for 'alleged violations of Haitian laws related to immigration.'...

Government approval is needed for any Haitian children to leave the country, and the group acknowledged that the children have no passports.

Jeanne Bernard-Pierre, general director for Haiti's Institute of Social Welfare, said the children will be interviewed in the coming days to determine whether they have living relatives."

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