Tuesday, February 9, 2010

State Department Issues New Travel Warning for Haiti


February 09, 2010

"The Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the situation in Haiti in the aftermath of a powerful earthquake, measuring 7.0 magnitude, that struck Haiti near Port-au-Prince on January 12. The Department of State has ordered the departure of all non-emergency U.S. government personnel from Haiti...

The U.S Embassy has evacuated more than 15,000 U.S. citizens from Haiti and evacuation flights continue to depart the International Airport in Port-au-Prince. U.S. citizens wishing to depart Haiti should make their way to the airport between 4PM and 8PM. They are encouraged to bring their passport and identification, and any available food, water, and supplies, as facilities at the airport are limited. U.S. citizens in Haiti should contact friends and relatives outside of Haiti to inform them of their welfare.

The U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince has assembled a task force at the Embassy which is taking calls as conditions permit. The Embassy is working to identify U.S. citizens in Haiti who need urgent assistance and to identify sources of assistance.

U.S. citizens are urged to contact the Embassy via email at ACSPaP@state.gov to request assistance. U.S. citizens in Haiti may also call the Embassy's Consular Task Force at 509-2229-8942, 509-2229-8089, 509-2229-8322, or 509-2229-8672. The State Department in Washington, D.C., has also created a task force to monitor the emergency. Persons in the U.S. or Canada with information or inquiries about U.S. citizens in Haiti may contact the Haiti Task Force at 888-407-4747. Outside of the U.S. and Canada, call 202-501-4444. For further information and updates, please see the State Department's Consular Affairs website."

Read the full Warning: http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/tw/tw_4632.html

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