Monday, April 5, 2010

Brazilian Grandmother Demands Visitation

"Grandmother denied visit to Sean Goldman"

"New Jersey father David Goldman says he will grant access ‘in time’"

"The grandmother of a boy brought from Brazil to his father's New Jersey home to resolve an international abduction case is complaining that she's not allowed to see the child.

Silvana Bianchi told Brazil's Globo TV on Sunday night that her grandson's human rights are being violated.

The Brazilian woman and her husband arrived in New Jersey last month with hopes of visiting 9-year-old Sean Goldman...

Goldman's lawyer, Patricia Apy, says the father is willing to give the boy's maternal grandparents access to the child in time, but he wants a mental health professional involved.

"We requested from Silvana and her husband in January that there be a process to deal with the ongoing family relationship, which is complex because David is getting to know Sean," Apy said.

"That was not a process that they were willing to be involved in."

The couple, who previously owned a home in New Jersey, arrived last month and met with David Goldman and a mental health professional.

Apy said that after that meeting didn't result in immediate visitation, the couple filed an emergency application to see the boy.

A judge denied that emergency request last week on grounds that it didn't qualify as an emergency — and planned a hearing on the visitation matter for May."

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