Monday, July 12, 2010

California Former Foster Child Helps Teens Aging Out of System

"'The Teen Project' Helps Teenagers Aging Out of the Foster Care System"

"For 18-year-old California teen Carla, aging out of the foster care system meant facing life on the streets, with no where to go and no way to support herself. She is one of over 4,000 teenagers who age out of the foster system each year -- in California alone.

Luckily for Carla, The Teen Project was able to lend a hand. The organization was founded by Lauri Burns, a former foster care child who found herself homeless when she turned 18. Thanks to the organization, Carla has a new home, which she will share with other former foster children, as she attends beauty school to get her cosmetology degree."

Watch the video about Carla reported by Thelma Gutierrez of CNN:

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