Thursday, August 5, 2010

Human Rights Commission Finds US Deportation Policy Fails to Consider Best Interest of Children, Etc.

"US Deportation Law Violates Human Rights "
Annette M. Martínez-Orabona, Esq.
MALD, International Public Law & Human Security
Wednesday, 04 August 2010

"An International Organ of the OAS Finds that US Deportation Policy Violates Human Rights of Children and Families"

"The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, an autonomous organ of the Organization of American States, made public on August 02, 2010, its groundbreaking decision in the case Wayne Smith and Hugo Armendariz et al, v. United States. The Commission found that U.S. deportation policy violates fundamental human rights because it fails to consider evidence concerning the adverse impact of the destruction of families, the best interest of the children of deportees, and other humanitarian concerns.

Mr. Wayne Smith and Mr. Hugo Armendariz, lawful permanent residents of the United States for 25 and 35 years respectively, were deported from the United States for non-violent criminal offenses that had occurred many years prior. They were deported without any opportunity to present evidence of their rehabilitation, their family situation, and the equities in their favor. The refusal to consider this evidence led to substantive violations of the rights of their U.S. citizen family members to establish a family. The United States government also violated the special protections that should be accorded to children who are affected by deportation proceedings."

Read the complete Press Release:
Read the Report of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on Wayne Smith and Hugo Armendariz et al, v. United States:

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