Friday, January 28, 2011

Custody Battle Over Religious Rearing of Child

"Hasidic Mom Sues For Custody As Dad Doesn't Keep Kosher"

"An exotic dancer-turned-Hasidic Jew is suing her ex-husband for full custody of their only son, claiming his father is sabotaging the boy's religious upbringing.
Elina Margolina and Nelson Derbigny met in 1995, when she worked as a dancer at the Admiral Theater gentleman's club on Chicago's Northwest Side. Derbigny was a manager at the Admiral, and the two fell in love and got married. They changed careers (Derbigny's now a real estate agent) and had a son, but were divorced in 2007.

During the proceedings, they decided on shared custody of their child. But Margolina is now pressing for full custody, claiming that Derbigny violated their agreement by refusing to raise the boy in the Jewish tradition.

His father counters that he should have full custody, as Margolina's religious beliefs have become too extreme for their son's well-being.

Margolina's new husband is a Hasidic Jew, according to an NBC Chicago report on the custody battle, and she is now also devoutly Hasidic. Hasidism is a relatively orthodox branch of Judaism that demands strict adherence to such practices as kosher eating and wearing of traditional garments."

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