Saturday, March 12, 2011

"60 Minutes" Episode on Homeless and Needy Children

Last week the CBS program, "60 Minutes," ran a fascinating story on children in Seminole County Schools that are involved with a Seminole County Schools' Families in Transition program.  Families in Transition helps children whose families are struggling to make ends meet in this economy, or that are homeless.  What made the story so unique was that it provided accounts from the mouths of children on what it was like to go to bed hungry, what it was like to go home but not be able to open the door because the house had been foreclosed, their feelings of guilt for their families' situations, and many other heartbreaking persepectives.  As a result of that story, Families in Transition has received support in its efforts to help these families.  If you know of a familiy in need in your community, look for ways to help.

Read the article on that episode: 

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