Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Parents Sue on Behalf of Child for Service Dog in School

"School Bars Disabled Boy's Service Dog"

"Parents of a developmentally disabled 4-year-old sued the school board for prohibiting their son from taking his service dog to school with him. Chatham, a retriever-poodle mix, helps the boy deal with self-injuring behavior and hyperactivity.
On behalf of their son, A.S., Parents Leonel and Jennifer S sued the Catawba County Board of Education for violating the Rehabilitation Act section of the Americans with Disabilities Act...

The parents seek an injunction, costs and damages "for service animal training costs incurred to restore and maintain the service animal's training during the period of separation, including the cost to retrain and prepare the service animal to work in the classroom."
The family is represented by John Rittelmeyer with Disability Rights North Carolina, of Raleigh."


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