Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Tough on Immigration" Means Boon To Private Detention Industry, But Not Without Controversy

This article from The New York Times sheds light on how some international security companies have been capitalizing on the more aggressive approach to immigration by countries.  The article addresses how the increased crackdowns by countries such as the U.S., Britain, and Australia, have led to a lucrative private detention industry, which sometimes leads to drastic consequences on detainees. Read the complete article by Nina Bernstein:  

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Lulaine @ RD Legal Funding said...

There could be some potential liability issues concerning private detention and their prisoners. It can be likened to the Abu Gharib situation and some contractors in the theaters of wars like Iraq and Afghanistan that might have done something outside the boundaries. There are many lawsuits some which have gotten dismissed about the problems other countries citizens have had with private contracting from other countries.